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About AllWorld, Joe, & a future book about Iraq’s athletes

Thank you so much for reading my blog in an age of information overload. My goal is to maximize your ROI with great information and entertainment to help you achieve excellence in sport, injury rehabilitation, business, life & more. The approach of AllWorld Performance, LLC, to these purposes is not haphazard. The approach and my graduate education are grounded in sport and performance psychology research and practice. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback on what you would like to know more about or to contact me about collaboration, media services, and tailored speaking engagements. Also, checkout and connect with me on the AllWorld….

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…as well as my…

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Additionally, I’m working on a book about the Iraqi athletes who were abused under Saddam Hussein’s regime. Thus far, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing exiled and current athletes around the US, in London, and in Algeria at the Pan Arab Games. Other fascinating interviews have included the former chair of the Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal, the chair of the Human Rights Committee in the British Parliament, the first elected president of the post-Uday Hussein Iraqi Olympic Committee, and many more. You can stay informed of all progress by following me on Twitter or any other subscription (e.g., my AllWorld newsletter). Please bookmark:

-> Future book website |
-> Facebook page | Coming soon
-> YouTube channel | Coming soon

Thank you, all the best! Joe Mannion, MS

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