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Change is curiously difficult for most of us…

June 15, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot about change and what it takes to make substantial changes in our lives. I recently spoke with a couple people who have lost over 110lbs each. One person made numerous, drastic lifestyle changes last Fall, and the other took a steady but more gradual approach. I also know numerous other people who have lost 110+lbs. each – except they’ve lost the same 10lbs 11 times over.

Weight loss, however, is a not so small microcosm of life change in general. Some people seem to be primed for change while others seem to be in a more start-stall phase (hm, doctoral dissertation?). I love to ask people what finally made them grab the bull by the horns – for the drastic change weight loss friend, it was the death of a close relative. In future blogs, I’ll explore some theories of change (e.g., transtheoretical model) and try to recruit some of my health psychology friends for their thoughts… right now, I’d love to hear about what’s helped or hindered you: what major changes have you made, what made the difference, or what do you think has prevented you from changing?

PS – 6.5 months left for your 2010 goals!!

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